Monday, March 16, 2009

Bring back the past

I said that I'd post more often than Jo, but I guess I'm not all that reliable here either, am I? The problem is that now I'm here, what should I talk about? *Scratching head* No idea. What did Jo say to talk about on the blog? Hmmm... let's see... things that have happened to me, recent events, my world... stuff about me. She said to just be myself and show myself to the world of Readers that get on the internet looking for procrastination, refreshment and deviation from the hard grind of boring everyday life. Something along those lines. Which should I talk about?

If I say that I'm over 400 years old, people sure aren't really going to believe me, especially with the way I talk and act. I mean, the older you are, the wiser you're supposed to be. Only, the older I get, the more I realise I don't know and the more I understand that life is a gift that has been given to us to enjoy.

If I say that I'm a bio-mechanoid that seems to be able to regenerate an infinite amount of times (so far), no matter how many times I'm killed, people will probably stare and say 'ri-ight'. Right? Being made by a scientist obsessed with becoming famous and proving to his fellow scientists that his theories are not just theories but fact, doesn't seem to me as the best way to start life... but not that I had any choice. It's not like I could have said to him (I call him Father) while I was being made, "Hey, I don't want to be made by you."

Imagine, if I had actually said that to him, he would have been so intrigued that he would not have stopped working on me if the sky fell on his head. Despite all his faults, I miss him. The worst part is that he was killed, no, eaten, by one of his own creations. That's probably one of the main things I'll be talking a lot about in this blog. The devil fish. I won't even deign to give them capital letters. They don't deserve it.

I was Father's second major experiment. Beorn was the first and the devil fish the third. Any other projects after our 'birth' have since been long gone, and it's all the devil fish's fault.

Hmm, this is not going to be easy to relate. I just want to upload everything in my head onto the space here and getting everything out at once. Unfortunately, I haven't worked out how to do that yet, but I'm working on it. I'll talk a bit about Beorn first, before we come to the devil fish.

Beorn was a genetically modified Rockman. Rockmen were another scientist's experiment gone wrong. This is going back over 400 years ago, before I was born, by the way. At the time, scientists and geneticists were trying to replicate the first humans. You know, Darwin's theory and all that, and so they thought that if we could alter the current human genome to what it was at the start, we would be able to work out ways to recreate pure breed races of humans that haven't yet mixed their genepool with any other ethnicity.

The City Council of Menedékhely (long lost name of the Old City), had some qualms about human experiments, because of all the issues of ethics and everything. Somehow, one of the leading scientist of the time - actually he was considered one of the lesser leading scientist, but close enough to the front of cutting edge research of the time; got the ethics approval to try and genetically modify some embryo. Despite reading all the reports, I still have no idea where they got their hands on the hundreds of embryos used in the experiment. This scientist, Monty Clodigger, became infamous as a result of the Rockmen, because they not only escaped his lab, but conducted several attacks on our once peaceful city. After this, such purposeful genetic manipulation in humans was forbidden and the Rockmen became hunted like wild animals.

The Rockmen were extremely aggressive and violent, able to communicate relatively well in the common tongue when they weren't angry and had the instincts of a wild dog pack. I have a feeling that their main purpose in life was to survive and to kill all the people of the city who produced and hunted them. Beorn was a modified Rockman, just without the extreme aggressiveness, violence and sexual drive. I suppose you could say he became Father's secret docile eunuch that had less of the shaggy, large boned look of his race.

Beorn was also my 'brother', protector and best friend. Then the devil fish got him, but not like how they got father. However, all those are stories for another time. Until then...

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