Friday, July 23, 2010

by Lindsey

Today's post is by Lindsey. Sorry, Lindsey, I've forgotten your last name. Anyway, we've only recently met and I don't know very much around her either, so I'll let Lindsey introduce herself.

G'day world! I come from the same world as one Guardian Lialla, but I daresay nobody really knows about her either. It's best if she introduced herself to you herself, so... (hint, hint, Jo).

Up until the day I cleaned out my wardrobe and woke up the next morning hearing weird noises outside my window, whereupon an eagle came crashing in through my open window, I was your average teenager. Going to school, hanging out with friends and all that. We live on the border of the suburbs and the country, so unlike most of the other suburbians and city people, we knew that there were some strange things about the earth that defied explanation.

"Ask your parents," the eagle had said, but when I had asked, they had no idea what I was talking about. "A talking eagle? In your room? You must have been dreaming!" The thing was that the clay tablet with clawed markings and the drawing on it certainly weren't my doing.

Turned out, when my parents were younger, they had helped the Guardians free one of their kind, with the help of the animals... only my parents forgot all about it because they thought it had just been some childish game they'd played. Now that the animals and Guardians were needing some help again, it took them a while to realise that what they had done was real. Before I go on any further, let me explain what the Guardians are.

The Guardians are a race or beings very much like humans that had been made by the Maker or Creator to be caretakers of the world until we humans came along. It was their job to teach the humans to the best of their ability how to not only use the world's resources responsibly, but to appreciate what they had. Unfortunately, we humans can be somewhat stubborn and don't always like taking the advice of others. While there have been some mixing of the Guardians and humans through marriage, they are still quite different. The Guardians being born with an innate ability to understand the earth, the animals and the plants - the things they had been born to protect. Sadly, when humans came on the scenes, the Guardians ceased reproducing and have been slowly dying out ever since. Their fate, they call it. I disagree, but it's not for me to say.

To cut a long story short and at this summary you may scream, because it makes the story sound so ordinary and generic, even though it isn't. Basically, when my parents realised that 'game' they had played when they were children was real, they agreed to help, along with me. We visited one of the Guardians in the mountains where its teeth bites into the woolly clouds and learnt what the problem was. From there, we met and joined with Guardian Lialla and some of her friends and set out to correct the problem and convince the wayward humans that what they were doing was wrong. Humans that are convinced that they are correct, do not take very well to being told they are wrong by people 'unqualified'. There was a big fight, including the involvement of a rogue Guardian and the freeing of another that had been imprisoned in her own land. Stuff happened and then we were expected to go back to our old 'normal' lives, forgetting all the things that had happened. Even our animal friends were told not to keep contact with us, so that we could return to our old lives. Happily, that didn't happen and Guardian Lialla still visits when she can, despite troubles in her own land. How could they expect us to forget?

I'm worried about Lialla. Humans are encroaching on her land and they have no concept of Guardians. When I mention it, she just laughs and says everything will work out, even though she still has the scars from the last encounter... but she can't even sleep soundly within her own territory. It's just not safe. Add to that, her land is the last home to the dreaded Aarchnan wasps and teaching them to farm is almost like teaching a wild cat not to hunt. Last I heard, the humans had begun hunting her, so I haven't seen her for quite some time.

If only our other friends from the other worlds on the other side of the Labyrinth would help... but even then... There's nothing Jo can do, I know, because she's already said so. It's not her world.

Sorry, everyone. I didn't mean to tell you about my worries and this post is meant to be about me, but I can't help thinking of what will become of my friends. I apologise for bringing my worries with me.

You, my friends, have not heard of the Labyrinth before and here is not the place to explain, but I perhaps will get onto an expert and see if he can shed some light on the mysterious place few dare brave.

As for Lindsey and Lialla, I hope you readers will think and pray for them, because at the rate their world is going, it will be a wasteland long before the Eastern Kingdoms in my World reach the industrial age and Twylla's folk learn that aeronautics and space travel is not a myth.