Wednesday, July 6, 2011

further update

No word from Twylla as yet. Seriously, that girl. The number of scraps and scrapes she gets in really does my head in. But then she would scoff at my fear of banana coloured slugs. Just wait til she gets thrown in with a vat of those horrid viruses. They hurt.

Anyway, more news from the Datastor Clusterage: Firefly's advisory job has become a new role of its own and on par with Sablade's. King MaxIV has received a promotion of sorts. He and Black Cruza are slated to become music carriers. Considering MusicDrive is always sleepy, it doesn't matter that much. The Clusterage, has however received a new distant overlord by the name of Wadewater. He and Firefly haven't had much chance to chat as yet, but Firefly has said that he would rather not be leader in his fragile condition.

The young lady from Domorre has been trying to avoid her revisions by disappearing to go practice dancing or playing her musical instrument. She says revisions are like taking a tedious amount of time picking off all the thorns off the stems of a billion roses. However, slow and steady. She's getting there. (You should see her dance and hear her sing or play her instrument some time. Wow. No other words for it. Never seen anyone perform like her before.)

Gemma Manycolours has been trying to think up some new pranks. Anyone who knows her or comes across her, BEWARE. She's likely to tie your shoes together and while helping you get back up, trick you into going on an 'adventure' with her, where you'll be a mess and she'll be as pristine as ever. The latest I've heard is something to do with somebody jumping off a bridge onto a highway, but not. Don't ask, this is Gemma, we're talking about after all.

Spyri and Gympi are looking for some critiquers to help with their revision, if anybody is willing to read and report back suggestions. Ivaar is confused and Laira lost in Arco. Iris is trapped and some scary/not so scary doors and portals have appeared. And guess what? Chloe Grace may meet Patience (who has a really long name) and both of them really like Firefly! No wonder they're behaviour has been somewhat suspiciousy.

You may notice that this news is all rather telling, but I refuse to hand out lollipops.

Do you want to know what the most interesting news is? Really? Yeah, I gathered you'd say that, but I'll tell you anyway.

The chickens have run out of pellets and are cold.