Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Exerpt - provided by Remmie

Here is an exerpt that Remmie (in first person, Remmie's point of view) has been kind enough to allow me to post here while we still wait for Twylla to get a move on. Enjoy:

  "Oooh, pies! I love pies. Especially fruit pies or cream cheese pies or..." I clapped my hands.
  "Cream cheese pies?" asked an incredulous Amy.
  "Yep. They're kind of like cheese cakes, but not. More soft and creamy and they're usually scattered with either bits of beetroot, pumpkin or whatever extra fruit or crops we have on hand."
  "How," asked Lisa with a frown, "in the galaxy did the conversation come back to cheese - again?"
  "Ask Remmie," said Mimi, shaking her head in an exaggerated manner.
  "Honestly, we should take any conversation and time it to see how long it takes before Remmie mentions the word 'cheese' again," Lisa said.

The others voiced agreement. I didn't stop talking.

  "But they're really nice with lots of berries scattered through them and a little bit of sugar - cos you know, sugar is kind of precious on Domorre..."
  "Remmie, you haven't heard a word we said, have you?" Amy said.

  I sighed and assumed a bored recital pose.

  "Quote: How in the galaxy did the conversation come back to cheese - again? Quote 2: Ask Remmie. Quote 3: Honestly, we should take any - " I pointed to each person who had spoken while repeating what they had said.
  "Ok, ok. We've got the idea. Fine. You were listening, but you kept talking anyway - why?"

  I shrugged.

  "Because I like cheese?"
  "Love more like it," scoffed Lisa and Tammy giggled.
  "You would probably take it to bed with you if you could," Mimi said.
  "Eew, no. It would make my bed smell like old socks and do you know how hard it is to get that smell out?"
  "Great. Now you got her going on her number 2 favourite topic. Cleaning. Good job, Mimi," said Lisa.
  "Sorry. I wasn't thinking. It wasn't on purpose," Mimi did a mock imitation of a line from one of the latest holo-movies. "I deeedn't meeeaaan eeeet."
  "... you have to wash it at least 5 times and..." I was still talking
  "Remmie. Remmie. How do you do it?" Amy demanded, interrupting.
  "I was just telling you."
  "Hey. Don't play innocent with us. How do you always steer the conversation towards your favourite topics - OH," she sniggered into her hand. "You've taken cheese to bed with you before and your mum made you clean everything up."
  "Yep, she's taken cheese to bed before," Lisa snorted, nodding.
 "Well, it's not like you haven't hidden under your bed sheets to eat a whole bar of chocolate by yourself before."

  "Favourite topic of conversation number 3," Tammy squealed while Lisa dithered.
  "What - how - I never - "
  "HA! Owned," Amy whooped.
  "All right, Remmie. You weren't there. How would you know?"
  "I smelt it. Eating chocolate under the bed sheets has a specific smell that you can get out if you wash..."
  "Hey, Remmie, stay on topic here. You can't smell a whole chocolate bar," said Lisa with her hands on her hips.
  "Oh, yes I can. Also, the wrapper was in the bin. Plus, I know where you hid -"
  "That's enough of your powers of detection right there, missy. You are not revealing where the location of my secret stache of confectionery lies hidden beneath my bed."
  "That's - "
  "No Remmie. Not another word. Not one. Zip it."
  "Nice. Now you've made her sulk," Mimi said.

  "I do not sulk," I stuck my bottom lip out at Mimi.

  "Do too."
  "Do not."
  "Do too."
  "Do not."

  "All right kids. Break it up before Sarah gets back," Amy said.

  "Break what up?" asked Sarah, joining us.

  "Do too."

  "Oh," said Sara, wrinkling her nose. "That."
  "Yep," said Lisa quite cheerfully.

  "Do not."

  "All right," Sara said, pointing to the person behind me. "Amy take this child away and lock her in the bathroom. It needs cleaning anyway. Tammy, you take the other one back to work where she can finish writing the report I said could wait until tomorrow. I've changed my mind."
  "Oh, Sa-ra..." Mimi and I chorused.

  "I just got out of a long meeting. I do not need to deal with anything else remotely like that," she waved a hand at Mimi and me being separated and still calling out 'do not's and 'do too's.

  "Must've been bad," Lisa said.
  "Yep. Talk about it. I need to get it out of my system. Go to the gym with me?"