Friday, January 8, 2010

about time

About time, Twylla! I thought you'd never get round to it. Maybe my subtle hints were too subtle for you? Joking, joking, but now that you've posted, I have to do something.

Unlike Twylla, I tend to be much more private, so I don't tell you everything about myself. Instead, I thought you might like to hear about the town of Raggedge today.

Raggedge is a small town with a population of maybe 800 people, situated at the base of one of the mountains of the Dividing Range, at the very western border of Inageam, within the Eastern Kingdoms. The town seldom gets any visitors, so if you ever decide to see the quaint little place, expect to be treated something like a VIP or a celebrity. The whole town will turn out to greet you and you will be invited to at least half the homes to have a drink of Raggrovage and have a bite of Raggrove-flavoured waffles.

This town is well known for an interesting thick green coloured beverage known as Raggrovage, after the wiry herb, Raggrove, usually found in this area. The plant has thick little leaves that is often used as an all-round cure medicinal plant or as a te. Raggrovage is usually drunk warm, sprinkled with wisps of a special herb (they refused to tell me the name of) that considerably sweetens this otherwise strong thick bitter drink. The locals tend to prefer to call it a tonic. Its taste is not unlike that of very strong green tea, mixed with a sprinkling of a variety of other things. I think it tastes much better when mixed with milk or cream, but each household makes it differently.

Raggrovage is an aquired taste that few people who grew up outside the town learn to appreciate. I don't mind it. It's certainly a good hot drink that warms you up on a bitterly cold day and the reception that comes with it is nice, especially if you've spent the last few weeks scrambling around the mountains.

The people of Raggedge rear goats, turkeys, geese, chickens, ducks and the occassional cow if they manage to get their hands on one. They make some awesome vegetable dishes - usually due to the seasoning they use and their spicy meat stew is something I wish other towns would learn from them.

Anyone have any questions about the town?