Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ok everyone, this post is by Arial Nretsew, currently stuck in Quilthills with her quirky Aunt Lucida and Uncle Bradley. In case you don't notice, see how many font types she'll mention.

I should make my own blog, but Jo tells me that keeping a blog up to date takes a lot of discipline. Anyway, the only internet out here in Quilthills belongs to the Harringtons. Because I'm new in town, they were nice enough to let me borrow the computer for a time, especially after Jo promised she'd come and have something to say to them in front of the rest of Quilthills if they didn't shift butt and be nice to me. By the way, the Harringtons are the richest family in Quilthills. After them, the next most snobbish are the Goudys. Jo sure does have a lot of power here. Most people are terrified of her - but I won't say much more, you probably already know a bit about her.

Anyway, yes, I'm stuck in Quilthills with Aunt Lucida and Uncle Bradley, while my parents are in Sheen-by-the-Sea, looking after Granny Sylfaen who's real sick - but only for the summer holidays. Aunt Lucida and Uncle Bradley are pretty cool. Their house is the oldest one in the area and is known as Minas Pele. Underneath it is a huuuuuge network of tunnels and caves that haven't been properly explored. Some parts of it are a bit dangerous, but by Uncle Bradley's estimation, the tunnels reach through most of Quilthills. Smuggler's tunnels? Escape tunnels? We're still trying to work it out.

The town innkeeper's son usually stays with my Aunt and Uncle, and is like a son to them. He doesn't much like the inn and his parents are more than happy to let him help Uncle Bradley out on the farm. Of course they'd rather he helped out at the inn, but they also just want him to be happy.

Sydnie's about my age, maybe a year older. He's an awesome singer, loves playing his flute and is a funny, shy sort of chap that seems to have picked up some quirks from my Aunt and Uncle. Like talking to the animals in such a way that they do exactly what he asks them, but then the animals here do seem to be a cut more intelligent than average. He and Uncle Bradley are a right old pair. Aunt Lucinda just laughs and says, 'boys will be boys'.

For a quiet little looking area, there's an awful lot of politics going on around here. So long the Goudys and Harringtons don't find out what we're up to under the hills, everything will be fine and we'll soon break their clandestine activities to the police with evidence; breaking their monopoly hold on the region.

Some of the nice things about Quilthills:
-Maiandra's (Sydnie's mum, wife of Rockwell, the innkeeper's) sugar cookies
- the Secret Valley with its strange broad leafed trees of the sweetest, juiciest rich orangey coloured fruit
- Aloe hill with its huge vegetable patch and aloe grove
- the animals (they're soooo smart!!!)

Funny how when you want to tell people about things, you can't remember when you actually get down to it. I'm sorry if my writing isn't that great. I'm still in school. Jo says that I ought to practice more, that's why I'm here.

Anyway, nice to have met you all.