Friday, September 7, 2012

My world

You've all probably been wondering why Twylla talks about her world and its history, whilst I keep relatively silent regarding mine. The truth is, first, I'm not as good a story teller, and second, frankly it's a little too confusing. I'm still trying to sort it out. If you've read some of my earliest posts, you might have gotten a bit of an idea about what my world is like. It's something like that and yet... nothing like that. I don't think I'll ever get it right.

Tell you what, I'll just type and one day, I'll come back and refine everything.

It's been at least 87 years since the Battle of the Cliffs. That's the final battle of the Maguiren's War. Madorra killed/locked King Maguiren up in one of his machines - he's probably long dead by now. My siblings and I were children at that time - special specimens that Maguiren studied and experimented on. We overcame the Breakers who had the ability to negate any other gifts besides their own. The rest of the world picked itself back up and us gifted ones tried to pretend our gifts didn't exist, so that the less gifted ones would have no cause to attack us as they did the Breakers. Seeing as it was Maguiren who had caused all the latent gifts to rise to the fore, the normal people saw all of us who had been affected by the Burning Fever (hence becoming more gifted) as enemies. My siblings and I went to Madorra's home deep in the Dividing Ranges, where we were brought up.

All my siblings have moved to the other side of the world and have families. Nobody there has heard of the wars that have been ongoing for the past 100 years on this side of the mountains and the Burning Fever didn't affect anyone over there. As such, all the people there are normal people and much more advanced in technology. My siblings are happy that they don't have to think anymore about the war. I differ in opinion. I believe we at least owe our people what assistance we can. Especially after all the destruction we wrought during the war.

It is normal for people to have gifts. Some are just more obvious or more unnatural than others. For example, some people are excellent cooks, some amazing engineers, some are good with their hands, some very good at academics. Some people have excellent memories and some people while forgetful, may excel in various art forms. Some people are good at starting fires, others are good at putting them out. I'm sure you understand my meaning.

These are the natural gifts a person develops over the course of their life, according to the mix of genetics and environmental factors. The gifts that Maguiren stirred up through his virus were abnormal. Unusual. These included 'superhuman' abilities. Anything and everything you can imagine, popped up in all sorts of people. These included Mind's Ear (the ability to hear another's thoughts), Flame (the ability to produce and hold fire in the hand), Breaking (the ability to break the effect of any other gift), Flying, Invisibility, Extra-ordinary Strength, Stealth, etc. These are but a few of the myriads that are still out there.

Although Maguiren is gone, his virus continues to infect people. Many of the gifted have become vagabonds or outlaws. Some are killed. Most are forcefully taken by the ruling powers in their countries to serve the royal families.

Since Maguiren's rule has broken, the old monarchies have sprung back up and taken as much advantage of the people as they can. Some of them had been locked away in prisons during Maguiren's reign and were definitely insane. The only reason anyone puts up with them is because their Councillors are enjoying the power they wield.

It's sad, but there you are.