Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Legend of Spyri and Gympi (7)

The Legend of Spyri and Gympi

Two soldiers, Big D and Little D had lost their entire platoons. They didn’t know what to do or where to go, but at least they still had each other. They’d happened across Thistlowood by accident and suddenly realised where they were. The lost children had found them and been so excited to see them, thinking that their own countrymen would soon be taking back their town. The children happily brought them food and any other essentials that they needed. The two soldiers hated the idea of telling them that they didn’t know what was happening at the war front right at this moment.

Despite avoiding their questions, the children loved these two soldiers, and had showed them everything and told them everything that was happening in the town. Soon the two lost soldiers knew all the hide-outs, all the secret ways around town and all about Jessica and Spyri, although they were still to meet the mysterious saviour of children. There was nothing they could do for Jessica, but if only they could meet the silent shadow that nobody could catch, they might be able to do some worthwhile sabotage in town and help get rid of the enemy.

Then one day, Spyri left them a working two-way radio. Big D and Little D wanted to find out who this silent mysterious, elusive person was, but first, they had to report back to their countrymen that they were still alive and had found themselves amongst almost all that was left of the town of Thistlowood’s children, hiding in the hills. They had to meet this Spyri and thank him some time.

“Stay where you are and stay out of sight,” their CO had ordered. “Use guerrilla tactics, but try not to get any of the children involved, we don’t want them getting hurt. We should be able to push the enemy back to the town within a few weeks. We’ll try organise a way to evacuate the children before that happens. Report back every six hours.”